Eastern Shore Brewing and St Michaels Winery

Both Nathan and I have family history in St. Michael’s, MD and spent time during summers  there when we were growing up. Nathan’s grandparents used to live in St. Michael’s and my grandparents have a house named Jubilee about 10 minutes outside of town in Bozman, MD where I have spent time every summer since I was 5 years old. We sometimes wonder if  we were ever in St. Michael’s at the same time when we were younger and saw each other…  Maybe he was that cute boy I spotted at the Maritime Museum when i was 8?!


Regardless, Nathan and I now love spending the 4th of July weekend at Jubilee relaxing by the pool, swinging in the hammock, or kayaking.  When we venture into town our favorite things to do are wine tasting at the award winning St. Michaels winery or beer tasting at Eastern Shore Brewing. We had our first wedding planning conversation sitting outside at the winery sipping a glass of wine…it holds a special place in our hearts! We bought a few bottles of wine and a 6-pack of beer that we’ll be pairing and reviewing soon. Until then, enjoy these pictures of our trip to St. Michael’s, MD!



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