The Big Move

You may have noticed that Nathan and I have taken a hiatus from posting for the last couple weeks. This is because we’ve officially moved and graduated to a new kitchen! You might think that we would be sad to leave our first apartment together or that it would at least be bittersweet to leave the kitchen in which Rampant Cuisine was born and our many tasty posts were prepared. This however, is not the case…we tra-la-la-ed our way through packing and practically skipped out of our tiny pad when we left it for the last time. We moved into a new condo that has a bigger kitchen and hi-tech amenities such as a dishwasher (I don’t mean Nathan) and a garbage disposal. We thought it would be fun to show you our former kitchen so that you can fully appreciate the conditions we were working in… I personally don’t think that our old kitchen was intended for anything more than boiling water. We would also like to show you our new kitchen to get you excited for the posts that will soon be coming! Be patient with us as we get settled in but be prepared for a delicious meal to be coming from our new kitchen soon!

Old Kitchen:









New Kitchen:

2 Responses to The Big Move

  1. Kent Norman says:

    We will have to post pictures of our kitchen here in Cork, Ireland. We have taken a few steps back from our kitchen in the States. But Karen prepared a fantastic soup our first evening here. It is amazing what a good cook can due improvising!

  2. That kitchen reminds me so much of my apartment in Arlington, guess I should have guessed since it wasn’t far from your apartment. However, my stove was smaller and older. I never actually used the oven portion, and the stove top required matches to light everytime. This is why I invested in a good microwave and pizza oven. Yes, in my earlier days I used to eat a lot of frozen pizza…

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