Charlottesville, VA

Over the weekend Katryn and I made the trek to Charlottsville, VA for a friend’s wedding.  Since the only thing more plentiful in Charlottsville than college kids are wineries and breweries we knew that we had to take advantage.  We only had a short span of one afternoon to get around so we settled on visiting two breweries and one winery which the wedding was at.

We got into the area right around lunch time so our first stop was Blue Mountain Brewery.  Not only do they brew beer but they also have an awesome brew pub on location!  I had one of the best buffalo chicken sandwiches I’ve ever had (besides our’s of course) and Katryn had an amazing chicken gyro with perfectly marinated meat.

Along with our meal we bought a tasting flight of their 8 current beers.  While all the beers were excellent, the two that stood out to Katryn and I were their Classic Lager and Local Species beers.  The Classic Lager was exactly what the name implies… it has a crisp and refreshing taste with enough body to make it stand out compared to most other lagers. The Local Species brew was by far my favorite of the day.  The Ale is brewed with Belgian yeast and aged in a bourbon barrel.  Between the sweet flavors of the bourbon, fruity belgian yeast, and the malt and hops the beer is complex and extremely enjoyable.  We bought a six pack of the Classic Lager and 750ml bottle of the Local Species so be expecting a pairing for these beers soon.







Our next stop after Blue Mountain was Starr Hill Brewery.  Their tasting room is actually located right next to all of their brewing equipment so it was cool to see where it all comes from as you enjoy their beer.  They were giving tours of the brewery as well but unfortunately Katryn and I were pressed for time and couldn’t go on one.  Katryn and I were so stuffed from lunch that we barely made it through the healthily portioned tasting pours we were given.  (I even left some beer in my cups *GASP*!)  My favorite beer on tap was the All Access Belgian Strong… It had all the great fruity notes that you would expect from a Belgian style beer as well as smooth malts and with a 9.3% alcohol content it was nice and strong.  I also enjoyed a few of their Jomo Lagers at the wedding.  I feel bad that Katryn and I were so full for the tasting and I definitely want to go back some time so that I can enjoy their great beers more fully.

Our Friend’s wedding was at Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards which is nestled in a beautiful setting in the middle of the mountains.  There was a severe thunderstorm an hour before the wedding but the weather cleared just in time for the outdoor ceremony.  The sky was full of scudding clouds and silver linings as a backdrop for the wedding.  We were also graced with the beautiful sunset that you see at the top of the post!  We got to sample copious amounts of Pippin Hills wine during the reception as well some amazing locally sourced food.  Among the wines provided we got to try their Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Viogner, and Chardonnay.  The Merlot that I had with my pork during dinner was great and Katryn’s glass of Chardonnay was fantastic as well.  I wish that I could give you more information about the wines but we were too busy dancing and having fun!







If you’re ever in Charlottesville be sure to make a trip out to some of the local vineyards and breweries… you won’t be disappointed!


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