Autumn Picnic

The weather over the weekend was, to put it simply, perfect. Cloudless blue sky, low humidity, mid-70s…I wish it would never end. When Nathan and I heard the forecast last week, Nathan made the brilliant suggestion of having a picnic. At first we were going to prepare something work/time intensive but then we realized that the best picnics are the simple ones that require only a quick trip to the store and a blanket.  This was a great way to celebrate some of the last warm weather that we are likely to see see this year.

So, for those picnic lovers out there here is a quick tutorial on how we to put together our perfect little picnic!

Cheese: Look for one fresh soft cheese and one harder aged cheese. We chose a Gouda and Mozzarella balls.
Meat: Choose cured, salty meats…prosciutto and salami were great. Buy good quality makes a difference!
Olives: We love Kalamata but any nice black or green olives would work as well.
Bread: Crusty French Baguette… so simple, so good.
Fruit: The sweet red grapes balance the creamy cheese and salty meat and olives.
Pepperoncini: Time to add some heat!  These little peppers are a favorite of ours!  Not too hot but enough to make you reach for the wine to rinse them down.

Katryn’s Wine Pairing: Colores Del Sol, 2009 Malbec
Rating 8.5 out of 10

This wine was perfect for a sunny midday picnic because it didn’t take itself too seriously. Maybe because it’s grown in one of the highest and sunniest Argentinian vineyards? The first word that comes to mind to describe the body of this Malbec is ‘Juicy’ and it had strong blackberry flavors. It was full-bodied without being too dry or rich.

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  1. brad says:

    but, but…where were the ants? Nice, simple, fun.

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