The Dark and Stormy

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This cocktail has been about three months in the making. Back in November we were looking for a winter ‘staple’ cocktail and were intrigued by the name and ingredients of the classic ‘Dark and Stormy’. The name of this drink pretty much sums up the winter we’ve had, right? However, when we made it back in November we added lime juice to the essential rum and ginger beer and just didn’t love it. Then we tried varied amounts of each ingredient and finally decided that the drink is better entirely without a citrus element. Which is a lot for me to say because I’m the queen of sour cocktails! We felt that in this drink the introduction of a citrus component gave the drink a hint of summer that was just inappropriate (other than the traditional lime wedge garnish, or course). Without the lime juice the focus of the drink becomes the spicy ginger and the slight burn of the rum…perfect elements for a dark and stormy evening. When you make this recipe be sure to buy real, all natural ginger beer…none of this ginger ale or root beer stuff. Since Punxsutawney Phil told us we have 6 more weeks of winter, you still have time to make this winter cocktail before getting back to Mojitos!

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The Dark and Stormy


2 Shots (3 oz.) ginger beer
2 Shots (3 oz.) dark rum
Lime wedge (for garnish)


Pour ginger beer and rum into a glass and gently stir. For the fancy layered effect in the pictures pour the ginger beer into the glass first and then very slowly pour the rum on top.

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