The Bridal Brew – Belgian Tripel

Belgian TripelHere is a little history lesson (with a little etymology mixed in) for you:

Did you know that the word ‘bridal’ originates from ‘bride-ale’?  Back in the dark ages when brewing beer was a woman’s business, the bride to be would brew a ‘bride-ale’ in order to raise money for her dowry.  The word was later shortened to just ‘bridal’ and now has nothing to do with its tasty past.

Similarly, the word ‘honeymoon’ hearkens from the time when newlywed couples would spend the first month, or cycle of the moon, drinking mead every night.  Mead is a honey fermented alcoholic beverage that was believed to boost fertility.  Hence the word ‘honeymoon’!

Who are Katryn and I, mere amateur brewers, to ignore our heritage?!  We decided to brew our own ‘bride ale’ for the wedding.  We spent over 9 long months brewing multiple batches of this bad mama-jama to quench the thirst of those nearest and dearest to us.

The first beer to be honored with the Rampant Brewery Logo, the Bridal Brew is a Belgian tripel beer from the Trappist brewing traditions of Cistercian monks. The term tripel is used to designate the strength of the beer. A single mark indicates the weakest beer, while two marks (a dubbel) is stronger, and three marks (a tripel) is one of the strongest. At an alcoholic content of around 9.0% the Bridal Brew certainly fits the bill! Rich and complex in taste, the Bridal Brew rewards those who sit back, relax, and enjoy the depth of flavors slowly.

The Bridal Brew is only the first of many Rampant Brewery beers to come! Check back soon for more home brews and other beverage reviews.

5 Responses to The Bridal Brew – Belgian Tripel

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  2. Kent Norman says:

    I love the etymology part. Every day there are two or three words or expressions that I wonder, “Who came up with word?

  3. Nick Robb says:

    Please tell me that you have cases and cases of the Bridal Brew left over. It was awesome!

  4. Katryn says:

    Alas, we are running dangerously low…I guess that means we need to get busy brewing some more.

  5. […] everyone, time for another little history lesson to add on to our post about the Bridal Brew.  Chimay beers are Trappist Belgian ales brewed at the Cistercian Abbey of Scourmont-lez-Chimay.  […]

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