Heavy Metal IPA

Some of you may not know it, but I’m actually a pretty avid heavy metal fan.  Yes, this unassuming, dorky designer loves his heavy metal.  What better way to enjoy your commute stuck in a car or crammed in the metro than to listen to some guitar shredding!?  Much to Katryn’s chagrin, she often has to tolerate listening to my ipod’s eclectic music selection.  One second we are enjoying a nice meal whilst listening to a soothing jazz ballad and the next some dude who sounds like a Rottweiler is screaming at you over earth shattering double bass drums and ear piercing guitars.  What could be more romantic?

Now that I have told you a seemingly random story, on to the beer:

We decided to brew an IPA for our latest beer but we also wanted to make it more distinctive than your average IPA.  On top of the hops that went into the boil and the dry hops added in during fermentation we needed a little extra kick.  So, while dry hopping the beer we added in several habanero peppers.  Not sure if this would make our beer aggressive enough, I set up my speakers next to the fermenting beer and blasted it with some heavy metal.  Thus, the heavy metal IPA was born.  I like to think that our little yeasties were in there in one giant mosh pit of fermenting goodness while rocking out to my music.

After popping open the first few bottles of the Heavy Metal IPA we were worried that our beer may be TOO aggressive.  After only drinking one bottle it gave me heart burn!  However, after letting the beer age for a few weeks I can truthfully say it is now a pleasure to drink.  The slight hint of hot pepper actually accentuates the bite from the hops in the beer and helps make the carbonation seem extra crisp.  While not a beer to drink in high quantities, it is great to enjoy a few slowly or pair with a meal to add a new flavor dimension.

Now excuse me while I finish this song, it’s really hard to type and head bang at the same time.

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  1. Bojacked says:

    I really like the labels! Hope the beer is good. Cheers!

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