Happy Hipster Hippo Ale

Continuing my obsession with Belgian beer, Katryn and I decided to brew a Belgian style golden ale.  Golden Ale’s tend to be highly complex flavored beers with fruity aromas, high carbonation, alcohol and ester tastes along with subtle malt flavors.  A compromise between a strong ale and a pilsner, the golden ale is perfect for lovers of light beers and heavier, complex beers alike.


Our Happy Hipster Hippo Ale is a round-about ode to St. Augustine of Hippo in continuation of our St. Augustine’s Ale that we brewed in 2010.  Now, you may be asking yourself what a Hippopotamus has to do with with St. Augustine of Hippo and the honest truth is: absolutely nothing.  We just drank a few of our own beers for inspiration while trying to think of a name and it made us giggle.

So, in honor of good ‘ol Saint Augie, we’ve brewed this exceptional Belgian style beer!  True to golden ales, Happy Hipster Hippo begins with aromas of grapefruit followed by a mix of mild ester, fruit, and subtle malt flavors.  This beer goes down smooth and easy and will really sneak up on you with an ABV of 7.75%.  I prefer to drink Happy Hipster Hippo after dinner as a tasty treat unto itself but it is equally as good with a number of different foods.  The acidity of the fruit flavors can cut through a rich meal with ease or the complex flavors can add life to a bland dish.

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  1. Rob Barrett says:

    Where does one purchase such an exquisite looking beer with an awesome hippo on the label?

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