Finger Tip Ale

Finger Tip Ale was brewed to be easy drinking and very accessible.  A beer to always keep at your finger tips (get it?), it is light enough to appeal to newbies but flavorful enough to keep more seasoned beer drinkers happy.

Finger Tip Ale was the compromise between our beer drinking habits.  Katryn likes lighter beer and I tend to enjoy more hefty brews.  Yuengling is a beer that we can always compromise on so we decided to brew a beer similar in temperament to it.  Unfortunately, Yuengling is a lager and lagers need to ferment at low temperatures (think mini fridge or chest freezer) and our apartment is tiny.  I asked Katryn if we could get rid of the sofa to make room but for some reason she didn’t like the idea…  No, no, don’t console me!  I know life is hard and I can take it like a man.  Instead, we switched up the yeast and brewed a beer that was similar to Yuengling without having to have a yard sale to make more room for brewing equipment.

Finger Tip Ale hits your lips with a healthy fizz and the slight taste of hops and then finishes up with mild caramel and malt flavors as you swallow.  This beer has everything that you need to enjoy the best parts of beer without going overboard!

If you are nice to us we may even give you one…

6 Responses to Finger Tip Ale

  1. C. Heintzman says:

    Sounds friggin’ awesome. I want some. Can’t wait to try it.

    • Nathan says:

      Thanks man, you know I’ll bring you some next time I see you guys. I learned my lesson long ago that you get upset if I don’t bring any beer for you!

  2. Ryan reeves says:

    I was privileged to taste this superb ale last weekend and all i can say is, people were fighting over who got the last one. Cheers Nate, for a job well done!

    • Nathan says:

      I’m glad it was enjoyed by all at the party! We have several other beers coming soon, so hopefully we can hang out in the near future and you can try those as well!

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