Classic Daiquiri


Daiquiri’s have a bad rap (in my opinion) for a good reason. If you order a daiquiri in a restaurant it will most likely be very sugary, very fruity, or slushy and served from a machine…all traits that an authentic, classic daiquiri doesn’t have. Before we made our own daiquiris I had no idea what a real daiquiri is. The daiquiri originated in Cuba and was a favorite of the likes of JFK and Ernest Hemingway who routinely knocked back a dozen or so daiquiris (!!!) in one sitting (From Field Guide to Cocktails by Rob Chirico.) The drink is deceptively simple: a mixture of rum, lime, and sugar, served over ice. However, a proper daiquiri is a finely balanced harmony of the three ingredients. Too much lime and the drink will be bitter while too much rum is overpowering. The drink should be shaken to the point of frothiness and must be prepared fresh. Given these qualifications, I would be willing to bet that, even though most of us would say we’ve tried a daiquiri, very few of us actually have. Change that today and add this famous but misunderstood cocktail to your repertoire!




2 shots (3 ounces) white rum
1 shot (1 1/2 ounces) fresh squeezed lime juice
1/2 shot (3/4 ounce) simple syrup


1. Place all ingredients in drink shaker with ice and shake until nice and frothy.

2. Pour into glass over ice and enjoy!

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