Beer Tasting!

I am happy to announce that Rampant Brewing Company has had its first beer tasting!  The architecture firm that I work for, RTKL, has a monthly event called ‘Beer30’ where employees present topics on which they are knowledgeable (with the lure of beer).  I figured this was a perfect opportunity to spread some knowledge about how great home brewing can be.  I gave a brief talk about the process of home brewing and, not wanting to keep people from the booze, let them at the beer.

Because my drinking habits can’t keep up with our brewing we had a lot of beer to bring to the tasting.  Among these were our Heavy Metal IPA, Kolsch, hard cider, chardonnay, and merlot.  Several other employees brought their home brew to the event as well which included a mild ale, and a honey hefeweizen.  We drew a crowd of around 50 people and they all got to drink our beer and wine to their hearts content!  Hopefully everyone enjoyed the beer and learned a little about home brewing at the same time!

Look out world, Rampant Brewing Company is dominating the world one random beer tasting at a time!

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  1. Hey Nathan,
    We love the blog.

    Randy & Michele
    aka Mom & Dad’s neighbors on Day Ave in Roanoke

    • Nathan says:

      Thanks so much Michele! I’m glad you all like the blog and I hope you keep coming back! We post weekly so there is usually something new to check out.


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